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Measure of the estate government that rent goes out inside year secondhand sign

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"" Beijing estate rents administrative measure " draft has reported municipal government legal system does, affirmation should come on stage this year. " yesterday, city is built appoint if vice director Miaole is sure the earth's surface is shown. Measure of the government that rent publishs   inside year yesterday, in guild of Beijing estate intermediary on plenary meeting of the first the 3rd membership, city builds appoint vice director Miao Leru says: "" Beijing estate rents administrative measure " draft has reported municipal government legal system does, affirmation should come on stage this year. In method of this try out, special the management with respect to estate broker orgnaization, raised specific requirement, made relevant provision. " if Miaole still discloses, produce malign case to look from estate intermediary, root is on capital. Accordingly, will superintend gold of as a way of henceforth for the key, accelerate broker of perfect house property to run a mechanism, the code that broker of perfect house property manages, regulations and system. Secondhand house business makes an appointment with the autograph on try out net Zhou Zongchu of vice-chairman of guild of intermediary of   Beijing estate to divulge, this city will roll out the room that put an amount (namely secondhand room) financing of deal of the business contract demonstrative text, house that put an amount is carried out superintend, the autograph on net of contract of business of the house that put an amount is made an appointment with, the room that put an amount trades information network platform. And, the website with enlightened on September 1 guild of Beijing estate intermediary ( will be built with city appoint what will release is secondhand the autograph on room net makes an appointment with system, capital to superintend decency photograph to be united in wedlock. Henceforth, no matter be secondhand house business, no matter be buyers and sellers,undertake through intermediary company secondhand house business, will undertake the autograph on the net is made an appointment with. Secondhand this year house business predicts Miao Leru of 80 thousand   to return the introduction on the meeting, end so far, beijing shares estate broker orgnaization many 2600, branch many 1600, from personnel of course of study 50 thousand much person. Secondhand of the room trade, once upon a time two years more than 10000, rising every year according to the amplitude of 30%-40% , achieved 70 thousand 2005. End this year in August, secondhand house business had clinched a deal 50 thousand, predict to achieve 80 thousand to the end of the year. If Dan Miaole also points out at the same time, beijing estate intermediary returns existence industry system of the fair difference that believe force, management is diseased wait for a problem. City is built appoint civilian in hot line record, about estate seek advice and complain a platoon to be in the 2nd. Chen Tongshun of chairman of guild of Beijing estate intermediary also discloses, compare with photograph of existing orgnaization of many 2000 intermediary, although academician has developed many 200, but scale is inferior still, also become the left and right sides only. [see action]   5 big " black "   of the person that action diddle rents a house the 1st action: The empty buy that cheats company of hire   illegal intermediary so that building key reachs a month from inside owner hand period, the way that pays with the month pays rent, pay with detain again at the same time 3, and adopt half an year to pay, the way that pays rent one year from rent gets over there lodger. Use this kind of method circularly, in short-term inside acquire many cash reserve in a bank, carry a paragraph to run away next. The 2nd action: Company of intermediary of a few buildings uses false information   " the room is held in the palm " come sham house-owner, prevail on consumer swallows the bait. The person that a variety of excuse make rent a house cannot sign recycle about, push responsibility of breach of contract to consumer body. The 3rd action: Intermediary of   of kite of give a two-man comic show hires next rooms to make stage property first, look for a clerk to pretend to be landlord next, after waiting for client and holiday to landlord signed a contract and hand in intermediary to expend, false landlord looks for all sorts of reason not to agree to rent again. When the client looks for a company to withdraw fund, the company says both sides already signed the contract that rent, landlord belongs to home remedy break a contact, intermediary cost does not grant to return. The 4th action: Diddle " cost seeing a room "   uses all sorts of name diddle " cost seeing a room " hind, guide a client to see by the clerk essential nonexistent house, occupied when other clerk pretends to be landlord to hit a phone to say to face on the road do not go, restrict time additionally, keep owner number. At this moment the clerk can say: "You already got in touch with landlord, according to the contract cost seeing a room does not grant to return. "   the 5th action: The contract is non-standard the contract of   intermediary company is extremely non-standard, connect necessary clause, such as intermediary serves the requirement of the project and standard, responsibility of breach of contract and dispute to solve means to wait to also did not include. [tear open action]   city is built appoint raise   of   of black intermediary of action get behind 1. Check its to do business orgnaization of broker of charter, estate or branch put on record broker of certificate, estate from certificate of qualification of personnel of course of study. The basis concerns a provision, afore-mentioned card are illuminated all should running a place fair show. 2. Recommend use construction? Den room is in charge of? Snow, industrial and commercial the contract that waits for division system to decide sets an example text, when signing a contract the requirement undertakes hold estate broker signs on the contract and make clear qualificatory certificate number. 3. If entrust the building estate broker orgnaization to the representative rents or pass estate broker orgnaization to rent a house, should entrust pay the bail, estate broker orgnaization that is engaged in a building renting acting business through nominated bank, close through the bank pay rent. 4. When pursueing building business business, sign estate broker contract to should make clear a building to clinch a deal with estate broker orgnaization valence and commission level, buyers and sellers should insist to meet after reaching intent and sign building business contract. 5. Examine record of estate broker credence first, hind business of arrange with manager. The equipment of demonstrative text of contract of broker of system of file of credence of broker of whole town estate, estate and estate broker orgnaization case case, branch, hold estate broker, complain a circumstance to wait through of net of Beijing estate buying operation fair show.

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