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Policy impact is secondhand the room runs building of rental room capital is ren

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The reporter learned from company of much home broker yesterday, august, the capital rents the market to present ascendant state. In greatly constant radical is as praedial as 21 centuries offerred data shows, rent clinch a deal of the quantity go up it is respectively 9.3% with 12.7% . In greatly the data that constant radical provides shows, august, the resale of building of room chief commander that has 8% about is hire, rent the market to clinch a deal this month quantity and on comparing of phase of the moon rises somewhat, clinch a deal the quantity basically is centered in stage of Haidian, rising sun, abundant these 3 the city zone, 68% what occupy assembly to pay an amount. What average house resides 3 house is average clinch a deal the price basically is centered in month of 1200 yuan of / to come between month of 2800 yuan of / . 21 centuries are praedial offerred data shows, rent clinch a deal measured annulus comparing to rise 12.7% . To renting the contributing factor with hot hasten, analyst of market of praedial Beijing region points out 21 centuries, suffer the effect of policy of macroscopical adjusting control of taxation, the part is secondhand room room source already began to turn into the market that rent, increased amount of room source supply, become rented fervent main reason August. Occupy 21 centuries additionally praedial statistic data shows: End on August 22, 4 link along the line rents northeast clinch a deal performance is outstanding, clinch a deal the quantity occupies sunny area whole to rent 21.6% what trade. 4 annulus regard northeast as Beijing " go up east area " , begin to give priority to a line with estate development from 2003, added sunshine newly to go up in succession east, the project of famous merchandise house such as special zone of cervine harbor, dazzle. Current, source of this batch of rooms has had thrown the market that rent not less, data shows, of this area secondhand volume of source of commodity room room rises nearly 40% , and because supply is opposite enough, hire level and 6, maintained July keep balance. Although each area rents prices to show ascendant tendency mostly this month, but get " civilian ban trade curtilage " influence, among them inferior the partial apartment of boreal area suffers an effect bigger, demand of the client that rent glides somewhat, plus originally the situation that the house market that rent begs for be more than namely, the average rent price fall that caused this one area 100-200 yuan differ. The data that ten million home provides shows, current, secondly price of one-room flat of value of the hand house market that rent is in 2500-3000 yuan / month; Two-room flat price is in month of 4000 yuan of / . (Zhang Yi / civil)

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