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House price rises to bear hard common people buys a room to be hired not easily

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Room source inadequacy moves   of   of frequent market disorder, " hire a house to not allow really easy "   Ma Zhanming is in Beijing trading company of a steel tube is done promote, college graduate is renting a house two many years all the time. "It is not easy to rent a house, I ever changed a room 4 times inside half an year. " he says, at the beginning he is hired, because lack experience, did not sign a contract with landlord, the result did not live full a month is called in with all sorts of reason by landlord building. The process that after this rents a house also very not successful, intermediary ran, have those who discover building facilities is not perfect, up-to-date, he still is seeking appropriate room source. Many people are mirrorred, buy a room to facing house price admittedly the contradiction with too tall, insufficient income, hire a room to also have similar problem, not be to want to hire what can hire. Zhao Xiangdong is an officeholder, searching Beijing east the room source that 5 annulus stand by a city to be taken. "The house here is relatively bit cheaper, and stand by the subway, traffic still calculates convenient. " even if is willing, he registered a many month to still did not find appropriate room in building intermediary. "The likelihood is the house in the urban district too expensive, everybody happens to coincide want to be in here rent a house. The building with low price is too popular. " what   also proved to rent a house from a flank about investigation statistic is not easy. Catenary home real estate is a bigger building intermediary company of Beijing, its the statistical data 2006 shows, the supply and demand of the average house market that rent is compared be in about 12.5 the left and right sides, this means the person that room source should be hired far less at begging. "Those who will rent a house is general have 3 kinds of people: New the labour force that grow, tear open white-collar of change door, foreign enterprise. Income of before two kinds of people is not high, normally demand month is hired in 2000 yuan the following, this kind of demand most concentration, room source is the most nervous. " Wang Zhiwei of chief of department of market of catenary home real estate says. He thinks, hire a room to have news hard admittedly at present not free, market is non-standard wait for an element, but the most essential still is to demand exceeds supply. Hire a room not to stabilize cost   of taller also   , " have a requirement, buy more appropriate than hiring "   contrast is hired and buy, majority suffers the person that visit to express " renting a house is have to, still should buy a house conditionally " . Feng Li is editor of a press of Beijing, already had rented a house many times. "Hire a room to be not stabilized, move often make a person irritated, always also feeling to lease the building that come in the heart is not his home, be willing to arrange not quite. " taxi driver Mr Wu mentions the house also is skinful bitter water: "The cost that tear open change buys a house not quite, be forced to hire first. I many years old 40, still lease a building, feel to feel embarrassed before kin. Hope government can build more economy applicable room. " the Ren Xiaoyong that works in ZhongGuanCun plans to rent a house first, head paid fund save money became enough buy a house: "Want to have enough economic actual strength only, it is good to still buy a house, the building that owns to belong to his after all is meant own a smooth and steady home, this is too important. " research organization of an estate of Beijing about " buy room and hire a room to have on the feeling why to differ " investigation also shows, the person of 85.41% thinks " the feeling that oneself house has the home more " . As we have learned, differ besides sensuous, many people return report, in current housing market, the cost that rents a house is higher, below a lot of circumstances, be inferior to buying room economy. Liu Han just connected a city to buy a house in Beijing last year. "It is two bedrooms likewise, hire room month hire 1900 yuan before, borrow money now 300 thousand, before the month pays and renting a house about the same also. Of course, paid 80 thousand multivariate head pay, live further than before also, but this is this room after all, return loan to do not have a burden. Rent a house, who knows to want to be hired when. " although real estate of   catenary home is engaged in renting the business, but the cost that also admits to rent a house is quite high. Its controller Wang Zhiwei calculated brushstroke Zhang: The renting price of average house two-room flat is current Beijing 1723 yuan, by the month the cost that rent a house takes individual month income 30% computation, criterion lunar income of the individual should achieve 5743 yuan; individual month income property right of 5743 yuan of hold after because buy a house,pressing 40%(, so scale relatively tone goes up somewhat when renting a house) will undertake borrowing money buying a house, the amount that can be used every months at reimbursement is 2297 yuan, can borrow money almost 325 thousand yuan (loan fixed number of year 20 years of) , hypothesis head Fu Sancheng, can purchase total 464 thousand yuan house property. "Change character, buying room head Fu Ke to fall with susceptive circumstance, consumer hires room cost too big. Plus the existence that rent a house very big instability, increased bear the time cost of the person that hire and opportunity cost, hire affirmation to be inferior to buying appropriate. " Wang Zhiwei says. Look forward to to rent a house enough     , " letting common people rent a house is not simply ' advocate ' can come true "   puts forward to concerning a personage a few days ago " 70% should be the group that rent a house " view, majority suffers the person that visit to hold object with interrogative manner. Some people show, can buy buy, hire otherwise, it is very rational to housing problem common people. Some people criterion the manner is intense: "By what are you bought let us hire however? "     " I disapprove of the person of 70% to rent a house this view, this does not accord with consumptive habit of the Chinese and consumptive psychology. " Professor Chen Zhangwu expresses institute of Tsinghua university be in charge of. He thinks, government cannot because of house price it is tall, difficult to buy a house advocate go hiring, rent actually also put in a large number of problems. "I love my home " the concerned controller Lv Bin of estate intermediary also thinks, want to develop the market that rent really currently, but the scale that rent a house has impossibly so tall, because the Chinese on the tradition or apt have his house, house property besides live, still be a kind of safeguard. In addition, the cost that rent a house also can make common people chooses to buy a house as far as possible high. Ought to guide after all hire or buy, we interviewed Han Meng of institute of economy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He thinks, ground of administrative levels of national part of one's job is harmonious solve " the person that reside has its house " . Be opposite at present estate market adjusting control while, guide common people to rent a house the housing difficulty of family of low to solving income is an optional plan, although western developed country, the family that also has nearly 50% is renting a house. He also points out, letting common people rent a house is not " advocate " can come true, the government is even on the supply of room source, a large number of works are done on the management of the market. "The government should appear personally constituent room source and refine the market, year after year is progressively the source of the room that rent with ground new open up, give next the market goes providing gymnastics to make. Hire the supply of the room and management to cheap, the government must assume a responsibility to come. The government also should widen train of thought, draw existing empty buy room through developing the market that rent to digest for instance, make over a government clearly when make over to room of a few price fixing first for instance again, next again according to the market demand or sell or hire. "     (according to " People's Daily " ; Zheng establishs nimble Zang He)

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