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Typical case: Summer vacation time leases room bilk file tall hair student is du

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Show according to number of statistic of estate broker company, enter after July, the building is rented clinch a deal the quantity continues to increase considerably, the student is the near future is rented clinch a deal the most crucial factor that estimates growth, can occupy the half left and right sides that grows gross to demand. While the building market that rent is fervent, a few illegal personnel take a fancy to this cake, carry all sorts of ruse from which seek interest. According to not complete count, this city uses rental room to undertake the case of bilk takes case of bilk of whole town contract since July 20% the left and right sides. Give priority to with the undergraduate in the person that be cheated, they are to face school and hire, 2 it is to close hire give priority to. In addition, still each district uses summer vacation time to come to Beijing " charge " student, the member that they have unit Dai Peiren, take an examination of at one's own expenses grind personnel. Typical case   falls " landlord " after trap phone is contacted, meet   at the beginning of this year July, beijing public security bureau on the west the undergraduate that case of economy of detachment of detect of city substation punishment investigates a team to receive 3 strong finish school continuously reports a case to the security authorities, say to a girl of many years old 20 leases a building them respectively, 3 people discovery is deceived. 3 person, they are the undergraduates that just graduate, after leaving the school outer rent a house. Came 27 days on June 23 between, they go up in Internet respectively and an information that rent a house saw on newspaper, the house is two bedrooms, around Xizhimen, the contact surnames Liu, left mobile phone date to regard connection as means only. 3 people dial a mobile phone to find Miss Liu, the time that she agreed to meet with 3 people in the phone and ground are nodded. Accept slashing condition delivery one year when chummage   meets, miss Liu professes is house-owner, taking the student that will meet about to saw a room together with its husband, showed house property card and id card. Miss Liu and student negotiate good price, chummage is every month 2100 yuan or 2200 yuan, must consign a year, and be cash. such, miss Liu couple gets rent of each year from inside two students hand, get the rent of half an year from inside another student hand, add up to 60 thousand yuan. When when 3 people are entered, discovering the house is repeated to rent occupy of a student is less than   a long time, mix afternoon saw additionally two students that helping baggage say he just hired this to cover a house in the evening. 3 people show a case each other, discovery is duped. When they dial the mobile telephone of Miss Liu again, discovery has closed machine. Receive after reporting a case to the security authorities, the member that investigate found the true host of the house. He tells a people's police, the house is at the beginning of June hired a young woman, but do not surname Liu, she paid the rent of 3 months according to the convention that rents a house, detain the chummage of a month. The person that   of   of investigation of the person that rent a house is visited 10 times ever looked for reporter of room source   to begged the person that hire to undertake interviewing to 10 when the university graduates to apply for a job in Beijing this year on the net. 10 people once sought room source on the net, also hold friend and classmate in the palm to had sought a room. Among them, 3 people ever had met with the acting company on the net, had seen a room, final as a result of house price or the house is improper and did not hire. 7 people are released on the net beg hire a message, the 6 people in this 7 people still had written small ad, on the sly is stuck in the doorway of the village. Final, the 3 people in this 10 people find a room through normal intermediary company, 4 people close through friend introduction and person hire, 3 people find house-owner to be hired directly through the message on the net. Handed in cost seeing a room to did not regard as however room Mr   Mr Zhang the university graduates this year Beijing applies for a job later, hire at present, he told about the experience renting a house when he just came to Beijing to the reporter. Mr Zhang says, at first he chose the acting company on the net. After the staff member of a man of Mr Zhang and acting company meets, this man phone was contacted " house-owner " , mr Zhang tells to see a room a little while after communicating. Subsequently, mr Zhang watchs this man collection 300 yuan room cost. But in seeing the way of the room, "House-owner " when hitting a phone to say to face occupied, cannot go looking. After this, cost seeing a room did not retreat Mr Zhang. Case Gao Fayuan rents a house because of   graduate illegal person take the chance analysis of police of   of exploit an advantage says, rent the bilk case for to be in with the building grow in quantity of year after year, among them the form that one room hires more is most common. Look from time, case of this kind of bilk has two fastigium, it is annual Spring Festival is mixed afterwards respectively 7, 8, 3 9 months. Former because the many other place after the section comes to Beijing,be Wu is versed in personnel needs to rent a house, latter is undergraduate graduation needs to hire a room to move school dormitory. The information that releases on Internet and newspaper ad cannot be concerned the branch undertakes one by one is checked, release false information to bring to illegal personnel thereby convenient, execute the law the branch cannot fulfil blow. The original   reporter that intermediary of intermediary investigation   weighs to ask house-owner shows certificate is contrapuntal the company of two estate intermediary on Yu Ande road -- , I love me the home and catenary home real estate undertook interviewing. The chief of two doors inn says, rent them to have detailed flow regulation to the building. House-owner can hire the house intermediary firm, also can register rental information. The company can ask house-owner shows the original of house property card and Id, undertake the keep after duplicate. What what differ is, whether do the true and false that house property card checks to relevant section when catenary home real estate can be being registered and building possess rental qualification; I love my home to be able to be in normally have beg after hiring a client to take a fancy to a house, when tripartite signs an agreement, undertake checking to the true bogus of house property card. As we have learned, two doors inn expresses, now is the opposite fastigium that the house rents in a year, the student rents a house relatively general, go to what door inn undertakes advisory on average to have 20 much people everyday. But because need collection intermediary to expend (chummage 3000 yuan the following be in collection) from tenant, normally collection the chummage of a month, a lot of people do not wish finally to choose intermediary company. For this, I loved my home to roll out to old client 8.5 fold, the student holds student's identification card the 7.5 favourable policy that change. The place on the net stays information to be for acting company   more on Internet, optional Cong Mou searchs the reporter on estate net the news source that tags an individual, situation of the place village that concerned room can see after entering a webpage, hire, transportation, door model wait for content with equipment of area, furniture. After finding the source of two bedrooms house near 5 Xizhimen, the telephone call that the reporter takes according to the contact stirs the past, the other side in the inquiry expresses is not house-owner, also not be intermediary, act as agent however company, it is hack of house of side house-owner representative, collection cost manages from house-owner after the success that rent. Execute the law difficult   rental building does not register province bagatelle to offend police of marijuana irritated   to think, current house rents the market non-standard still, although legal laws and regulations is restrained, but carry out it is more difficult to rise. In the morning, policeman of exhibition district police station introduces, according to the regulation, house-owner need is registered to local police station put on record, content includes the pertinent information of rental building, pertinent information of tenant. If house-owner did not put on record in time, community policeman should extend to its deadline rectifies and reform advice note, still do not deal with by the regulation inside formulary deadline, according to relevant provision, room chief commander is punished. Bear hire what if get police,just allot to inform postscript to still did not deal with relevant formalities, also will be punished by public security mechanism. But, no matter be house-owner or tenant, a lot of people perhaps avoid to hand in duty to did not undertake registering for save trouble. Once by hire a room to cause dispute or bilk case, because police lacks clue, it is more difficult that investigation rises. Be on guard when room   and face of room definite idea looking to see a room alone before reminding   to be hired, want to examine house property card, id card, need to registered permanent residence waits for the original of certificate originally when necessary. Decide to the photocopy of card of keep house property needs after be being hired, remember the address of house-owner and connection telephone call. Before be being hired, can head for alone, to all round neighbour checks this house to whether belong to house-owner, other perhaps concerned information. Chummage had better not hand in cash   to suggest house-owner establishs account, make money door of enter an item in an account directly. The person that rent a house in case be decieved, police can take concerned material of the suspect from bank attune. The aptitude   pitch on that examines intermediary uprights, appropriate chooses dimensions to compare big intermediary company. Want to examine two evidence carefully, company of house property intermediary should have the intelligence letter that relevant section nucleus sends, and the business certificate that nucleus of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry sends. If have business certificate only, without intelligence letter, it is advisory orgnaization commonly, can do building policy, information to wait seek advice, cannot do a building to rent, the intermediary business such as buying and selling; If have intelligence letter only, without business certificate, belong to manage illegally. Two card are all ready, just be lawful estate broker orgnaization. See original write down when registering date   to treat two disease, see original, do not see Xerox, and register date to be written down. If as all ready as two card intermediary orgnaization produces issue, rights and interests gets when enroach on, can complain to relevant section. Read contract provision   carefully to be in when signing the contract that rent a house, must read consultative content careful. Before be being entered, should be in of landlord accompany next examination building facilities, furniture, electric equipment to wait, ensure these things are whole nondestructive. Payment " pay 3 mortgage 1 "   is alleged " pay 3 mortgage 1 " be when showing first time pays rent one-time fall 3 months, add chummage of a month to serve as cash pledge, namely in all the chummage of 4 months.

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