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A few days ago, build an one official to divulge: "The objective allowance in system of prospective residence safeguard may be cent 3 grade: Cheap hires house-owner to want to face lowermost life to ensure the family under the line; Rent model applicable room faces economy low income family; Commodity house will face price fixing to tear open change door or do not have room door " , and economy is applicable room " in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth " , make a of new plan the largest window, also caused the wide attention inside the market and course of study. The building property right that enters a mechanism to become the problem   China that cares more for people   is 70 years, and once clear business concerns,regard the economy that offer as applicable room, sell one-timely made it basic become a kind lifelong make. Because this a lot of people think economy is applicable of the room " in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth " most essential is to solve its to exit mechanism problem. But the reporter discovers in interview, once came true " in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth " , what people cares more is its enter a mechanism however. Resemble in those days economy is applicable the qualification test system of the room, let a lot of " wealthy person " got chance, and the average citizen that needs them truly was not benefited accordingly however. Huagaolaisi international real estate is advisory (Beijing) limited company real estate engineers He Feng of manager of 3 advanced projects to think, "Exiting a mechanism to be returned on this problem actually is the problem that solves relatively easily, the key is to enter a mechanism. Because of us the relevant superintendency mechanism such as income diaphaneity of the country was not built, a lot of things are bad to limit. And once enter a mechanism to had held, the following exit mechanism ability to be solved well. " a topic that at the same time relet problem also becomes   to pay close attention to for the market. People pays close attention to economy so because its are opposite,applicable room no more than is cheap the price, can pass pass on, rental score gain. And once come true " in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth " , it is impossible that pass on sells, but the issue that became to update however in the relet inside formulary time. I love branch of Beijing of company of broker of my home estate standing deputy total Yao Jiajia expresses when accepting a reporter to interview: "At present our country has not built a perfect mechanism to control relet problem in public house respect, because applicable room is in this economy ' in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth ' hind also cannot avoid to want to appear the phenomenon that a few people get profit through relet. Because of this relet problem also should by mature go in " . Fund may is opposite the stable redound of applicable room   is interested in economy   economy is applicable because the development of the room accepts certain restriction, profit relatively general goods room wants some lower, at present control is in 3% less than. Because business of this a few developments still wants,the project is done. And once applicable room implements economy " in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth " hind, its endless unit process of cargo bandling can create constant pressure to economic steam again. Then somebody fears economy is applicable the room can be developed business " prep before sees " and cause development link to be affected. He Feng thinks: "Of different capital redound appeal to beg different, some appealing to beg usury embellish high risk, some appealing to seek low risk small gain. The development of applicable room has economy certain governmental property, accordingly, the government can separate a particular risk accordingly. At the same time possible government publishs proper policy for instance whole sells fund. The hire redound with stable to this kind foundation is interested. "   Yao Jiajia expresses: "Partial fund may be interested in this kind of product, they can seek the stable return rate that rent. " at the same time applicable like economy room, cheap hires   room, price fixing room contains item of proper form colorific this kind, the stronger, company that has certain force returns a few actual strength is willing to do quite, at this moment the is a profit not just issue that they consider. Value of the market that rent can fall   is in of the reporter in interviewing, most person thinks of this policy brewing is with the government in last few years of come down in one continuous line of adjusting control policy, it is one of effort that governmental resolve guarantees a system at housing. Cheap rents a house fulfil, rent model economy is applicable room, this the government is in the fluctuation that rent became sufficient kongfu, this can make necessarily estate 23 class market gets bigger impact. Supplying a side above all, as a result of " in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth " the supply that increased integral market, assured to rent the demand of the market, but the hire that rents the market at the same time can be reduced because of this. Yao Jiajia expresses: "If policy is passed really carry out, it is affirmative that hire glides. "   to secondhand the room trades the market, a lot of people think and can not produce too big effect. Because the price gets market impact, the wallop of this policy won't cause too big effect possibly to 2 class market, because of this price go situation should depend on the market henceforth and decide. At the same time the Chinese has very strong traditional consciousness, still can thinking to buy a house only just is the only outlet that solves housing problem, applicable room buys economy not know clearly, but the limitation as a result of economic condition, they can lay the target very likely secondhand room market. It is good that because this is secondhand,room market also did not grant because of this benefit.

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