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Term begins draw near source of college periphery room slants to hire valence ge

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Opening time draws near gradually, connect undergraduate of recently Nanjing each college in succession return to school after the vacation, person of company of the intermediary that rent enrages the housing near the school gradually flourishing. Occupy the personage inside course of study to predict, as a result of rental room source the gruel is meagre and the monks are many not enough to go round, during term begins, price of the building whole that rent will have 10% , of 15% go up. Arrange according to Nanjing gallop the building company that rent introduces about the personage, the person that hires even recently the room and compare apparent increase as one used to do, the price that rent has 10% about, 15% go up, the 2 rooms of school periphery one hall small family most popular, hire is in 1200 yuan commonly / lunar left and right sides, the first thing that after a few undergraduates return peace, does leases a building namely. "All houses rose in price. " undergraduates of 3 return to school after the vacation, the school was taken a fancy to before having a holiday around village a 60 much square metre two rooms one hall housing, after preparation terms begins, close hire, looked unexpectedly yesterday, chummage by before original every months 800 yuan go up 1000 yuan, and landlord is little be no good one minute. They ran repeatedly again company of a few intermediary, prices is similar. I love my home building to rent the Wang Fang manager of the company to divulge. In recent years, because a few preparation buy the youth of room marriage, apt one pace reachs the designated position buy it is big house, good to buy room, before buying a house they mostly in order to hire advocate traffic of the city zone compares the establishment such as electric equipment of convenience, furniture to compare all ready building to live as transfer, also be one of main reasons that bring about a building to rent the market to warm up. She is analysed, what room city hires during the college terms begins is fervent last even at least 9 months time.

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