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Hire a room to decorate wear to live only comfortable much " vivid " hold can li

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Sign long-term contract at least 3 years

The fourth young lady of company of intermediary of the Big Dipper expresses, such circumstance is very much, the majority renting a settle or live in a strange place that wants to hire the house that come to decorate is to be hired for a long time, that is when autograph contract must write about the content that decorate go in.

Ask house-owner reduces chummage to partake above all decorate charge, what because be decorated after all,be benefited finally still is house-owner.

Must sign long-term contract next, at least 3 years. Decorate charge to partake so in lunar hire, protect self interest. Prevent house-owner midway to call in house.

Fourth young lady tells a reporter: Although if receive a room to informed ’ in January ahead of schedule,“ indicates ‘ in the contract, but the principle that does not cut the ’ that rent according to ‘ buying and selling, although house-owner wants to sell a house, the contract did not expire, receive a room to also cannot get legal support. ”

Decorate want “ vivid ” not to want “ dead ”

To the charge that decorate and method, inscription highs Wang Jiahui of adornment company general manager expresses, hold vivid thing more as far as possible, can take away in the future still can use, the place that must install dead chooses cheap and beautiful stuff as far as possible.

Floor: Can choose the real wood floor board of enough ply, if take away,will come so, need only floor surface burnish still can use.

Ambry chest: Ambry is not made with chest, and buy integral product, moved to be able to be taken away easily in the future so.

Clean has a window: A few clean are provided and window, should choose design as far as possible beautiful but the product with low price, because use time after all finite.

Wall: Wall does not want paper, and with emulsioni paint, because wallpaper price is high, and cannot take away.

Wang Jiahui expresses, overall train of thought installs “ vivid ” more as far as possible, of dead ” of little fixed “ inside the room, such although move a few years, the loss also can decrease lowest.

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