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Tenement entrance guard sticks to his argument rental Fang Qingjie expends this

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Recently, live in green Long Zhengjie collect the thing injury that the gentleman expends to hand in cleanness showed head. So collect the gentleman just is moved into the village a month, entrance guard comes to ask to pay clean fee, collect the gentleman thinks he just hires a house to live temporarily, pay clean fee without obligation, should hand in also should hand in by house-owner; Together with village does not have special property government, cost of clean of entrance guard received in full is baffling. This who hands in cost to hire room door entrance guard to each view collect gentleman tells a reporter, he leased a building of this village last month. Because village building is older, because this does not have special content canal, it is at ordinary times collect fees by entrance guard, clean cleanness. "I am only those who lease a building, hand in also this landlord is handed in, how to look for me to want money? " collect the gentleman says, oneself a lot of friends also are to hire a house to live, never listen to them to had said to hand in village cleanness to expend even. But entrance guard introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad uncle thinks over and over, still feel collect the gentleman should pay clean fee. "He lives here, want to produce rubbish necessarily, paying clean fee is should. Landlord did not live here, I look for a family to want clean cost to seem to do not have a truth. If hire room door not to pay clean fee, how do we still manage then? Cleanness also was not cleaned, make a courtyard dirty rise. " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad uncle shakes shake one's head, "Do not close to money I myself am filled up impossibly! " community is harmonious hire room door to agree to hand in refuse to budge of cost both sides not to fall on time, entrance guard introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad uncle is forced to find community to lead reflective this matter. "We also know your difficulty, cleaning cleanness also is for the dweller have an easy environment. " small king of community staff member is saying to follow before Hu Da as form of a address for an official or rich man, go doing harmonious work. Just arrived at the door the village, as it happens comes up against preparation to go out collect gentleman, xiaowang cries hastily collect gentleman: "We still sit to talk well together, everybody is the resident of a village, have what problem insoluble! Everybody removes one condition, uncle thinking moustache cleans clean much Za Jin at ordinary times, the thing of a few yuan of money, do not do those who stretch tight so that the relation stretchs tight closely. " Xiaowang try every possible way to persuade sb, collect the gentleman just agrees finally to hand in village cleanness to expend, after agreeing, every month pays fee on time. Xiaowang tells a reporter helplessly, in community, encountering such trouble is not 9 any more. Solve every time rise very embarrassed, "Do not have the provision with specific what after all, besides harmonious, do not have at present other any method! " reporter investigation does not hand in cost phenomenon to exist generally subsequently, the reporter visited a few of the city zone vintage villages, discovery is similar collect such circumstance puts the gentleman generally in. These older villages do not have special content canal, of clean cost and so on is by entrance guard collection. Live in well lane community some yellow eldest sister of small courtyard tells a reporter, 25 resident are shared in their courtyard, among them 18 are to hire resident, every time collection cleanness is expended, hire resident extremely do not deserve to close, they think they lease a building from beginning to end, pay clean fee without obligation. Face such long-standing problem, how should be solved after all? Of well lane community five the director says, current, the country stipulates without relevant byelaw the village hires resident to must hand in clean cost to wait, the village also hires resident to pay fee with respect to non-privileged compulsive requirement. "Still basically hire the thought problem of resident, they think they hire a house to live from beginning to end, paying these communal fee should be the thing of landlord. Do not have expert administrative system because of vintage village just about, hire the agreement between resident and landlord we are impossible also to see, so, they do not pay fee we also do not have method. " five director say, encounter such trouble every time, they can appear personally only harmonious, do the work that hires resident on one hand, pacify entrance guard on one hand. The lawyer suggests to hire room contract to answer the He Jialin's lawyer that clear and compulsory Sichuan closes peaceful attorney office says, the communal charge such as the clean cost of rental room after all this who is handed in, be in at present jural blank still. Theoretic tell, clean cost should by person of building property right (landlord) assume, but after landlord rents the building, the obligation that will pay clean fee again is pushed hire resident. Accordingly He Lv division suggests: "Want landlord to rent be mixed when the building only hire resident to sign a contract, the agreement pays this pen cash above after all by who, give again entrance guard, the obligation of clear authority, won't dispute over trifles again. Won't dispute over trifles again..

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