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The opposite sex closes hire: Joyous midge of of orangutan of an ancient wind i

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Graduate of poetic rainbow college works to Shanghai later. At first, she lives in the home of a kin of Shanghai. Kin waits for her very good, vacate technically still a hut lives to her, but she always feels uneasy. Issued a class, if think have dinner or going out with the colleague is to go up,bar sits, she has to call to ask for leave to kin, and always must pay close attention to time, cannot go back too late. Because the age of kin is old, the habit sleeps early rise early, go back late to be able to sleep lightly they. "They had been held out really to me. But, I feel the mood is a little depressive namely, everything is gotten cautious. " Shi Hong is planning oneself hire a house to live, fear to speak out kin is grouchy directly again, thinking all sorts of way. Finally, she still lies say the company divided a dormitory, left kin home, move into add up to the house that rent with another girl. Consider a condition, that house cannot compare with the domestic photograph of kin: Far from the city, the support features all round also imperfectly. But Shi Hong feels very free, because this is a space that belongs to this, friend of about one caboodle will be troubled by 3 more midnight is irrespective. But, live long, contradiction came, return finally with add up to that girl that hire to be done very unpleasantly. Bring about add up to the prime cause that hires life failure, those who depend on the right and obligation is lopsided. Oneself are put in the beverage in the sitting room two days empty; Put aside the quick frozen food in public freezer to be eaten off by the family; That girl let her bear after one night is Bacchic, the spot that still throws next full ground to in disorder... Shi Hong feels such adding up to hire become a kind to suffer gradually. Final, shi Hong ended the add up toing over there to hire the life. She does not have give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk. Look in her, a person is too alone in deserted house, connect a talker to be done not have. For this, she adjusted choose add up to the principle that hires associate: Do not look for a same sex. She feels, between the girl haggle over every ounce easily, feeling letting a person is too tired, of the boy's vigor and girl meticulous, if better land is complementary, the life is met more good. After many setbacks hind, shi Hong and Wei of male colleague Shenyang close leased a building. They go to work in same company, one makes planar article proposal, one gets art design design, each other job needs to often be communicated. And company fashionable " SOHO " (the family handles official bussiness) a group of things with common features means going to work, a week needs to go up only company. Although can pass email to talk official business, always feel not quite convenient. Then, they thought of to close hire, feel to go to the lavatory already in that way the job, solved housing problem again. Close after hiring, the bedroom of each one is private space as before. At ordinary times, work in oneself room severally; When need is communicated, chat to the sitting room, or watch TV together. Add up to the each expense in principle that hire to execute AA to make, dan Shenwei is right this won't too dispute, he what serve as man and colleague, often first " buy sheet " . The interest of the life also can be shared in leisure sometimes, if Shen Wei cooks one desk good food, invite Shi Hong to share; And Shi Hong often also is bought some of flower, small adorn article dress up a sitting room. The life is very happy, work efficiency also rises many. Close each other tacit agreement that hires the life, outspread their affection. Shen Wei hopes very really one day, a bit story can produce between them. So, added up to the apartment that rent to be able to become them " go-between " .

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