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Search ah search ah seek a room -- " hot-blooded youth " the story that rent a h

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The unit dismissed suddenly I, without any reason. I also do not want excuse. Say honest, this ghost unit I do not stay early to go down, because it resembles by the old tree with insect empty eat by moth, some people resemble the insect that eat by moth cultivates this. I need not care about this lousy job, but the problem that has an extremely urgent must be solved immediately. The unit although what is bad, have a bit or be worth commend, that gave me a shelter at least namely, although 56 people are squeezed in a nest, I am dismissed now, have to move from this nest, and must the scram on the horse. I want to ask their extend a time limit a few days originally, after finding a room, take away again, think this is not ask for help later? When is our this all one's life begged outstanding? Did not have once upon a time, now also won't, then heart one horizontal stroke, go back the tear hustle that is about to flow, unhurried ground begins to clear away his thing. I am being carried on the back so carrying bedding and lavatory to wait a moment, go asking everywhere have a house to rent. Go seeking a room with this kind of means, at all times and in all over the world does not have precedent probably. Since I am very special, so they are about to treat me with special kind. I say " they " , those who point to is to have house hack landlord people. They see my this look, know how to should treat me, quoted price is very high, and the leeway that did not discuss. I blame them not at all, also do not bemoan popular feeling is not ancient -- , if I am sell the clothes, encounter a stark-naked fellow to buy the clothes, know he is badly in need of the dress, also perhaps can knock his one bamboo thick line, and most will be successful -- , you always cannot often disrobe child wallop! But my classics does not remove fleece, my saving, probably only enough those are big ham that feels two young ladies, issue a job not to know when to just can be found what is more,the rather that. My back is worn carrying, say the attitude of attitude of not clear what with a kind, cross funnily the village that is located in sweet foot of a hill to fall at this. When passing a grove, I am abrupt big thorough is realized greatly, the thing that gets on the body none achingly is thrown completely. Although they are my necessaries of life, but since their existence is adverse to negotiating, why can you throw away? Weather is not cold still now, without bedding, I all the same can pass the night! After that before long, I as expected with regular price, in 5 the pine leased a building. What I am myself is clever feel glad, although also be done not have besides the what in a piece of shabby board bed house, but anyhow can keep out wind and rain, and to me, this are already enough, what it makes I follow those bivouac street is homeless person had " substaintial " distinction! Then I go out to buy a paper, spread them on board bed, slept well shut-eye. Although be in the dream, I also did not overlook consideration today's " results " : With this method, I at least every month can save 50 yuan of chummage, it is 600 yuan a year, demaiduo defeats bedding and lavatory less. The following day early in the morning, I go into town go applying for a job, transient that grove, discover my refuse yesterday thing, still be in unexpectedly. What disrelish a regret a bit is, bedding is hit by dew wet, and it is a cloudy day these days, without the sun. Do not have a thing, my temperature can cover it dry -- , I am a hot-blooded youth. I come to their pick up, resemble pick up by the son of own abandon. I remand them " " , apply for a job cheerfully next.

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