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Does the female hire hire to avoid together hand in the opposite sex to close is

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This is to hire room or youth of the   that hire a person to close after all rent one room at present very popular, be economical not doleful. But some website is promoted in Zhejiang carry on recently, the reporter sees however such one closes hire information: "Wired, phone, furniture, water and electricity, TV, air conditioning, freezer, hot water, oneself are the male, hope and female white-collar personage are hired together, hire can be avoided hand in or hand in less. " the reporter can'ts help feeling puzzled: Is this to hire a room to still hire a person after all? The reporter calls in the past, ahead of the other side still answers frequently, can listening to those who want to rent a house is the male, interest is not high. The other side says, the female loves clean quite, clean sanitation is done well, white-collar beauty quality is high, oneself are national official, and work commonly the female does not have common language. The building that encourages some website in carry on rents forum to go up, the reporter discovered about the same content likewise beg hire information. After reporter and connection of the other side meet, the other side does not let see a room, ask the reporter's job the unit all the time however, income how. This makes a person unavoidable and afraid, close hire this kind of means to be able to be used by the person with certain impure motive. Does the opposite sex close hire can you change flavour? As we have learned, publish at present beg ask for the opposite sex to close hire advertising to be the male mostly, the hope searchs female friend to close together hire. Many females can accept this one method, meet even be recruited, but putting forward actively to search the opposite sex to add up to the woman that hire still is few number. This advocate sow ask about under the counter this year 34 years old, divorce before long male of lone nowadays solitary, close to the opposite sex hire hold what kind of view, he expresses: "Quite good. " this advocate sow exploring to ask again, whether can you expect what to love story select with happening of the other side so? This man replies straight from the shoulder: "Of course. " but additionally one 24 years old, supportive opposite sex adds up to the schoolboy that hire to there is different opinion on this problem: "I can not think and close hire associate to produce what feeling dispute. Look for the opposite sex to close hiring is quite interesting, but not be to want to take the opportunity bubble girl. The way that knows a girl now is too much, not necessary with this kind of means, much more troublesome. Besides, if had feeling, chummage perhaps is about to let my person go out. And if in case emotional burst, that is more troublesome. "   does not cross some people to think " Gu male few female live together one room " with the passing of time of hard to avoid lays condition, produce feeling so even the thing of sexual respect also very it's hard to say. A surname prevent the young lady says him present boy friend was once upon a time close hire associate, live for a long time, everybody understood quite, feel to hold out chummy, by " close hire " became " live together " . But also somebody is not willing to produce this kind of thing stoutly. Closing together with two classmates at present those who hire history the young lady says, they two female one male although differ,3 people are in in the school is, but it is same of a mass organizations, everybody's feeling resembles is brotherly sister, as a result of economy and emotive reason, hired chummage of such a big house together, still maintaining very pure feeling. The other classmates in mass organizations often also arrive here will play, see a movie or cook together eat, also can borrow sometimes. History the young lady says: "Resemble a big family simply same, particularly happy. This pair of our singletons female for the likelihood is need of a kind of emotive. " history the young lady still complemented: "Be together with the classmate in mass organizations, we seemed to become neuter person, talk about brotherhood only, do not talk about love! " why does the opposite sex close hire increasing? The expert says, close hire one flatlet to be compared in abroad common. Flow as our country population frequent, this kind of means that rent a house will be increasing, at least it is OK and managing hire. Why does the men and women add up to the censure that hires one flatlet to you can draw another person in home? As a result of,this basically is our country " give and accept of male and female is not close " traditional idea is in make trouble, be in abroad, have this matter of person bother about rarely. No matter be the closes to hire or suffer a person to pay close attention to quite opposite sex between unfamiliar same sex closes,hire, since close,hire had existed, have the rationality that decides firstly and social sense, the expert thinks, the opposite sex in the city closes hire a group of things with common features the youth that updates ceaselessly in the idea is met when the lieutenant general increasing. May arise as to its a few negative, undesirable consequence, that also is not the opposite sex add up to those who hire itself of this kind of form to bring. Must choose the opposite sex to close hire? A lot of choices join the person that hire is to be in what he found on the net to close hire associate. The interactive sex of the network and instant sex, it is the person that rent a house to searched appropriate associate to offer convenient. Once somebody has made count, in Beijing the requirement adds up to the person that hire to have 92% ages to be in 30 years old the following; Great majority of record of formal schooling achieves undergraduate course; 90% above do not have fixed opposite sex friend; 100% maiden; 65% above are nonlocal record public figure; 72% the plan that buy a house is not had inside 3 years. The person of 80% hopes to add up to the person that hire is well-educated same sex, but the person that also has more than 85% shows, can accept compare colleague of conversable opposite sex, good friend to close hire. Nevertheless, on a few nets add up to those who hire initiator place to carry to hire even if close hire, not be the opposite sex then to, do not have very specific requirement however. When many females ask for gather to hire a boy or girl friend, still meet special point out closing the boy or girl friend that hire must be a female, investigate its reason, a very main factor adds up to the person that hire not to understand very to what collect on the net namely, to the girl, safety first.

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