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The capital is rented clinch a deal next the amount is small defeat

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According to the statistic of the data that monitor of intermediary of estate of Beijing much home, july, the Beijing market that rent appears " the quantity cheapens firm " situation. Clinch a deal quantity annulus is compared small fall 2% , average rent rises in price in 1.5% the left and right sides. The expert inside course of study points out, suffer the effect of the element such as entry visa limitation, olympic Games weak point hires prices and not was like period and to. Meanwhile, this year's graduates after July is rented enter end basically, add demand newly to decrease, because this was caused,clinch a deal the capacity appears small atrophy. "Change a room " reach add the demand that rent newly to fall slightly     " catenary home is landed " the statistic of center of market research and development shows, since July, the groovy sex of the group that rent " change a room " demand and this year's graduates that add newly hire room demand to decrease apparently, hire value is basic with kept balance June. July, beijing rents the market 13 areas county one, 2, average rent is three-room flat respectively 2093 yuan / month, 2451 yuan / month, 3126 yuan / month, go up it is respectively 2.3% , 1.8% , 1.5% the left and right sides. Wei of annals of king of department of market of catenary home real estate points out, because change the tenement of the 70% above in room demand to choose demand heat area, especially source of subway periphery room, the area difference that causes a building to rent the price is pulled big. The hire price of demand heat house property compares circumjacent area generally to be the same as tower above of character house property 200 yuan reach 450 yuan, become thereby " tall hire region " . 21 centuries praedial analyst Meng Ji also thinks, look on whole, photograph comparing has no the renting market of Olympic Games eve before too upheaval, temperature of the demand that rent is not high; But the advent as a result of the Olympic Games, life form a complete set especially of traffic form a complete set attain at perfect, the formal be open to traffic of many track line, make specific area hire rise. "Olympic Games weak point is hired " match of Olympic Games of Beijing of   of wind up of cold and cheerless already passed 3/4, but " Olympic Games weak point is hired " before appearing however, course of study mies wife person or house-owner people what forecast be in in that way before kicking off 9 months blowout. Began July, original plan is used at " short hire " quite source of one part room is converted long hire the market to come up. The reporter is produced from Central Plains ground, catenary home real estate, medium greatly the orgnaization of intermediary of many bigger house such as constant radical learns, olympic Games weak point is hired already began to drop in temperature in June. Data shows, abstruse area expects experience the passenger source demand that the house-owner that Olympic Games weak point hires faces inadequacy, from June the middle ten days of a month begins already gradually will short hire hire price from 70 thousand - 80 thousand / the month falls 40 thousand - 45 thousand / month. Still did not see to nowadays short the owner that leases a hope begins change train of thought, shorten hire hire to grow. Estate seeks advice from the manager of Wu Di Lai of the orgnaization to tell a reporter, hire to Olympic Games weak point in the market anticipate highest 5, June, area of Olympic Games village is short the source that rent a house hangs out his shingle with what grow the source that rent a house the quantity achieved 1: The ratio of 1, brought about individual and typical building even dish grow the phenomenon that can hire the market without the room. But draw near as the Olympic Games, short hire demand to behave cold and cheerless from beginning to end. "Catenary home is landed " data shows, olympic Games weak point hires the rental rate of room source to did not exceed 3 to become. Because the short source that rent a house is successive empty buy causes one part owner to change direction long hire, predict inside course of study, at present area of Olympic Games village has 6 to hire room source to already was thrown into above weak point rent the market for a long time in the center. Meanwhile, these owner also will face plan earnings considerably reductive reality, photograph comparing is short hire market hire, plan earnings predicts to decrease 60% the left and right sides. I love my home Hu Jinghui to analyse, basically have the reason of tripartite face. Above all, owner anounces hire price to exceed a client to bear ability, namely owner quote and client can susceptive hire price does not match, as we have learned, area weak point hires Yaaode hire is long those who hire 5 times the left and right sides; Of capital northwest and northeast area short hiring hire is to grow the 2-3 that hires hire times. Next, guest room of Beijing hotel, hotel is supplied enough, come to Beijing watch what the passenger flow of the Olympic Games compares forecast to want little 40% the left and right sides. Finally, because passenger source is insufficient, and hotel price fall after a rise is apparent, live the hotel is compared civilian curtilage more be to one's profit.

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