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Xuanhua Hua Can a dollar low cost high quality low-cost housing

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Zhejiang Linhai City, the first phase of low-rent housing official Telephone Number October 22, 40 urban low-income housing for needy families will move into new homes. And some local "low cost housing is not cheap" in contrast, these households every month in the rental period Rent to be paid 1 yuan. "One dollar low cost housing" appearance, with its low prices to the limit, open a low-rent housing prices imagination. However, for "one dollar low cost housing", how to avoid "cheap and shoddy," can break a "cheap quality Excellent "new road, will not die halfway, it takes time to verify. Low-rent housing from scratch, has undergone a long process. Sadly, some local low-rent housing are faced with many embarrassing, such as quality, price, size, distribution, etc., all have problems. Among these, the low-rent The living room and protection of property, especially in particularly sensitive to quality and price, and the most urgent problems. Today, the "one dollar low-rent housing" to achieve a breakthrough low price, its quality will then become an even greater concern . Been reported, a new low-cost housing to its inferior quality to the point of anger, "some residents of the home the bathroom door can be stuffed into the cracks around the finger; some walls, roofs, floors are split to varying degrees Sewing; some bathroom and kitchen because of leaking water damage to the wall Pao was stained. "This is no doubt that the low-rent housing Naru" dangerous "in the column, immediately blasting is not excessive, how can we protect the rental Qunzhong to live and work? Tracing the source, low-rent housing as a policy of protection of housing, inadequate investment in both funds facing financial constraints, also face the "principal - agent" moral hazard. Not willing to make some petty profits for the construction side, it will naturally pull Rope corrosion is responsible for quality supervision and the relevant personnel, insisted to squeeze more oil from the stone, the end result can only be damage to building quality. Moreover, a government low-rent housing projects, it is inevitable mix between individual to eat by Who boldly on just cut the cake, it does not consider the construction quality and safety. Therefore, the people for "one dollar low-rent housing" Like I, but pay special attention to its quality. Local government as a major and direct responsibility for the person to be with "only succeed, not fail," the determination to go all out security Lian Rental of quality, to eliminate all acts against the quality of the real break "low cost high quality" of the new road, do not drop it "one dollar low-rent housing" sign.