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Most landlords do not want to rent the elderly rental difficulties

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Recently, Liu Xuancheng reflect the public because not rent rooms, their own and 94-year-old father, nowhere to live, hope the Government will help rent a house for her. Ms Lau said that the demolition order to meet their own needs of a family of three renters, but ran out 5 days, no one wants to rent her. Not rent the house because of Ms. Liu's father was 94 years old, the landlord worry about the elderly Physical condition, just in case anything happens there is trouble. "Originally on a good one, but the old man over to see us, and the landlord does not want to rent us." Ms Lau said. "So I would like to ask the Government to help us find a temporary house it, we all pay the rent." Thought he could not find a home for the elderly father, Liu Qi Ti Lian Lian on. Reporter contacted the demolition of the north gate Sun City Construction Committee Management Office, a staff member surnamed Li, said they were willing to help Liu, and copy down the Liu's phone number, "I will immediately asked the leader, as far as a star Liu and the elderly during the period to solve the rent problem. "