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Audit: 200 million low-rent housing guarantee policy implementation in the gol

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17 National Audit Office announced the "19 cities from 2007 to 2009 audit of government investment in affordable housing survey results." The audit findings show that cash in some places, low-rent housing guarantee fund misappropriation total more than 200 million yuan. Focus of the survey in 32 cities, 6 cities and 4 counties in the low-rent housing guarantee funds for the repurchase provision of affordable housing and work and other expenses, a total of 152.313 million yuan; have 6 projects use the city's 34 material false statements, cash in the central budget for investment in new low-cost housing subsidies for 61.29 million yuan. Audit noted that the above problems, as at the end of August 2010, the audit found that the misappropriation of low-rent housing guarantee funds have been returned to 152,313,000 yuan, the use of false materials, the central budget cash in investment in new low-cost housing subsidies by adjusting the funding issues have been go through the formalities of the way the project or the rectification is completed. In addition, the audit also found that transfer of criminal cases to the relevant thread 1, the relevant departments are legally accredited investigation. At present, a deputy department director and a positive level cadres were arrested according to law, but were expelled from the party and the public; a positive level cadres in administrative dismissal and probation for 2 years; involved a private developer people were arrested according to law, a person is released on bail.