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Lonely elderly renters of rotting corpses was discovered hanging the North Sea

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November 29, in Zhuhai, Beihai City, Old Street Road 89, the long-term rental here in the lonely old Mr Chen Bao-corruption body was found. He committed suicide by hanging. According to police investigations, the elderly have died four or five days. Floor dripping Decomposed body found in the downstairs tenants City Street police station reporter learned from the North Sea, Mr Chen Paul (residents call him A Baoshu), 67, Hepu County Baisha Town, Village, Hu Tong, Tuen civilized people, life is not married. 90s of last century, he came to the North Sea to make a living by Dengsanlun car, long-term rental in the North Sea, 89 East Street Zhuhai. Chen made the downstairs rental insurance is Mr Liu. He said 29 at 1 pm he is sleeping, a drop of liquid dripping from the floor, dripping on his face, he thought it was rat urine, did not care. 6 am after getting up, he found the liquid from the floor shed more and more, they go upstairs to see, the second floor of A Baoshu found hanged in an empty room. After the forensic autopsy, preliminary identified as suicide, time of death about four five days. According to a neighbor recalled, it was five days ago has seen the old man. Police briefing, the elderly are the five guarantees, his home local government issued to him a hundred dollars a month in the five guarantees payment shortfall depends on his street in the North Sea Dengsanlun car up the goods. His rent the original 40 yuan a month last year to 70 million. According to the landlord that the elderly will take the initiative each month to pay the rent on the 10th, but did not pay in November. According to a knowledgeable person, Mr Chen Paul did not hang himself in his room, choosing instead to a nearby bedroom. May be worried about being seen, he also covered with wood to crack. Sick Cross Tricycle stolen worse An old folks introduction, A Baoshu then join their aunt came to the North Sea, and later my aunt died, he settled down here, rent. "He was very talkative, but also love to nosy, like neighbors chatting with him." It said the neighbor, A Baoshu have high blood pressure, but rarely take medicine. A few years ago, and with him went into the city to make a living cousin Dengsanlun car was very ill, A Baoshu cousin would get back home and has been to take care of cousins, until his death. A Baoshu Back Street after a neighbor had lamented: "I think I was going to die here (Street) had." Reporter's transcript in the police station to see, not long ago, the elderly survival tricycle stolen. "Since then, his words a little, and always listless Withered. Coupled with poor health, he may lose confidence in life." Says an old neighbor. Living alone In particular social care needs A Baoshu residence, Zhuhai East community committees from less than 100 meters. However, the A Baoshu neighborhood cadres did not cause the attention, until his body was found. A neighborhood committee staff member said: "We met him when the census, but his account is not here, the beneficiaries also in Hepu collar of gold, he did not come to reflect the difficulties we had. If his own or a neighbor told us that we will to pay attention to him. " Reporter learned from the civil sector, civil affairs policies by country, can only be attributable to the elderly beneficiaries residing management, guaranteeing that payments can only be issued by the local government. This reporter learned that the community population of Zhuhai East 3600, of which more than 500 foreign population. Neighborhood cadres said that they rarely carry out specialized population of foreign visits and care activities, because "no time to attend." Suburbs in the North Sea to do a long-term community care services, civil society organizations responsible person said, despite the death of A Baoshu is a special case, but this tragedy, hope it will not happen again. At present, some community services for the elderly is still not perfect, at the same time, the modern urban communities to reduce interpersonal communication, people rarely each other sect, living alone and often become the forgotten part of omissions. The good news is that the Government's community-based organizations and some civil groups have noted this phenomenon, hoping the two can work together to focus living alone.