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Qingyun completed by the end of 300 sets of low-rent housing

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Recently, I learned from the Department of Housing and Urban Qingyun County, the county this year, 300 sets of low-rent housing construction can be completed by the end of next year, can be put into use in June, and last year the construction of 160 low-rent housing units have been completed by the end of deliverables. In recent years, increasing Qingyun low-rent housing, affordable housing and public rental housing construction, the county finance bureau out of special funds for urban low-rent housing construction. In 2010, Qingyun financial investment 15 million yuan, the central application for grant funds 300 million, low-rent housing for urban construction, an overall improvement in urban low-income housing for needy families. Currently, the 160 sets of completed low-rent housing have all been distributed, some families spent the New Year in the new room.