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2541 families to the difficulties low-rent housing units

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Yesterday afternoon, Baoji City, held a press conference announced by the end of 2541 to provide housing for needy families low-cost housing units; from this year to play in 2012, the construction of affordable housing a total of 5 million sets; from next year, will cover the security room new employment of college students, migrant workers and other "sandwich class" crowd. Baoji City Bureau of Housing and Urban Construction party secretary, Li Feng, deputy director, said solemnly wave, the city government this year in the Golden Temple in Taiwan, Lung Fung Garden District Wolong, Sichuan and Shaanxi Road Weibin District, Wei Star City Chencang District built thousands of low-rent housing units would be 2541 on November 28, Civic Center Park in Chencang open 摇号 distribution. Today, "Baoji Daily" will apply for more than 3,600 low-rent housing to protect the families of publicity. Li Feng, Bo said, this year's low-rent housing distribution has two prominent characteristics: First, the supply of an unprecedented, both before and Baoji than total supply, or and other cities than in this year's supply, are among the highest; the second is for families of disabled persons in housing hardship particularly care, as long as shaking the room number, you can not line up, floors and other living conditions preferred.