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Outside school hires room schoolgirl frequency to meet with " a vicious person m

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A few days ago, anhui too with group of gumshoe of prefectural public security bureau and city east police station cooperates closely, uncover case of schoolgirl of series enroach on in time, seize guilty suspect Wang Mou successfully. On August 22, too with prefectural public security bureau city east police station receives masses to inform against: Late on August 21, the county learns in some one outer the schoolgirl Chen Mou that hires a room to live suffers sexual enroach on. This bureau holds water to be mixed by gumshoe group instantly city east the case group that police station policeman forms, begin with all one's strength detect. Classics understanding, victim Chen Mou is one just reported for duty be born high anew. On August 20 night, chen Mou lodges in its sister home, oneself rental room by pilfer, oil of the toothpaste that just bought, edible by loot one sky; Burglar leaves a piece of scrip in the spot, with English-Chinese two kinds of characters express the feeling of the adore that gives pair of Chen Mou. Chen Mou did not report a case to the security authorities not quite because of the loss, who knows the following day nightly suffer sexual enroach on unexpectedly. Case group passes an analysis to think, these two cases fasten one person place probably to be, the suspect compares understanding to the victim's circumstance, oneself have certain English base, and at hand is not quite bounteous, should be the student that lives around. Case group begins investigation work in nervous and orderly ground, who knows guilty suspect against the wind to commit the crime. On August 23 night, another schoolgirl Li Mou encounters same situation in the abode of its elder brother. Classics investigation, the Wang Mou of a schoolboy that case group discovers to with Li Mou elder brother rents a house with the courtyard has suspicion of case of serious your work. Morrow in the morning, the policeman beat Wang Mou's door. Wang Mou expression is nervous, there is score on the neck. The policeman enquires its bruise origin, its fumble, answer antilogy. Case group controls his instantly, hunted down victim Chen Mou in its abode by the article of pilfer. Classics trial, guilty suspect Wang Mou told guilty fact according to the facts. At present the case is in farther cognizance.

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