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The youth hires a room to must notice the contract that rent wants to make clear

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Bear hire the item that just should notice 1, the house property disease that treats lessor and identification. (whether be landlord certainly) if not be owner,examine whether to have a power of attorney or relet right. 2, examine landlord to whether have " the building rents licence " . (when bill needing after deciding, who comes burden business tax is nodded) 3, when signing the contract that rent a house, make clear each charge load. 4, the affirmatory deadline that rent and the time that make a room. 5, each establishment is whole inside building of the examination when making a room, before letting owner settle charge. 6, affirmatory payment, reach the responsibility that terminates a contract ahead of schedule. Rental just should notice 1, examine identification or temporary residence permit. 2, clear tenant rents a house is be being used at living oneself still is commercial use, in the contract the agreement must not break the law. 3, specific payment and midway remove the responsibility of breach of contract of the contract. 4, had better arrive industrial and commercial or the tax authority handles the license that rent.

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