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Borrow hire a room to rob house-owner case much more female house-owner rents th

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When the female house-owner of a few high-grade residences, office building leases a building to going out, want to avoid single person to take the person that rent a house to see a room, right desire the identity of tenant, age, sexual distinction and make a price want how long a heart. According to introducing, the Nanjing, Suzhou, city that do not have stannum produced a criminal to hold a knife in order to rent a house to rob case of female house-owner of high-grade residence, office building for the name in succession recently. Commit the crime gimmick is to pass Internet to inquire house-owner information first, carry out crime in order to see a room for the name next. The criminal inquires through be on the net high-grade uptown or the information renting a house of room of hotel type apartment, choose female house-owner technically, arrange rental room place in order to see a room for famous general female house-owner next, wait for one's chance is carried out commit the crime. The criminal holds a knife to bind more rob commit the crime, then causes rape, harm even homicide case. According to introducing, door of the Ministry of Public Security is paying close attention to trends of this kind of crime closely, adopt rigor to hit prevent accuse measure, the aggrandizement registering management to rental room, special high-grade and will rental room brings into administrative line of sight, police station and community policeman rely on property administrator and village security personnel to strengthen superintend.

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