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The belle is credulous close with the person hire be decieved the lawyer reminds

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Landlord entrusts other collection 100 yuan of cash, did not think of that person not only accepted deposit, still collect cash pledge and rent together, evaporate between later generations like that. On September 2 morning, the Zhang Ling of Shao in relief girl that was cheated 1700 yuan stands in incessantly of regret of reporter face around, breathe out continuously oneself believed others to be duped too. Zhang Ling thinks, landlord entrusts other to take his to see a room at that time, let her think that person is the client of landlord by accident, accordingly, landlord should bear due responsibility. Close hired a person to cheat hire and cash pledge at the beginning of August, zhang Ling sees a adding up to hire room information on ” of net of “ public praise, manage with hair post person apprentice gentleman gets in touch, “ landlord says hack is to be on white Sha Lu 3 rooms the house of one hall, among them a lady that already hired Xue of a surname, make me direct see a room with her connection first, I contacted Ms. Xue the following day. After ” Zhang Ling sees a room, want to lease next this buildings with respect to the decision at that time, xue Mou says, she is the friend of landlord, building cash pledge and hire can give directly she. I did not think “ more at all, gave 1700 yuan she, lived to come in that evening. ” Zhang Ling says, can have done not have a few days, situ Xiansheng collects building cash pledge and rent however again, I begin “ think he makes a mistake, tell him himself to already had paid rent, the receipt renting a house that takes out Xue Mou to open looks to him. “ the house that this is me, I just am landlord, do you give chummage does she work? The word of ” Situ Xiansheng lets Zhang Ling be at a loss immediately. Subsequently, she hurries to be contacted with Xue Mou, but the other side is not received all the time hear a telephone call. Should landlord want to be in charge of after all? 2 days morning 10 when make, the landlord of reporter and Zhang Ling manages apprentice gentleman gets in touch, speak of Xue Mou's action, he also is very furious, “ I at that time is to let Xiaoxue taking small Zhang Qu to see a room really, let her collection 100 yuan of deposit, can not think of, her collection 300 yuan of cash pledge do not say Xiaozhang, returned Xiaozhang of ‘ flicker ’ to collect even cash pledge and rent together! ” Situ Xiansheng explains, the agreement on the contract that he and Xue Mou sign, lodger does not get privately to go out building relet, “ Xue Mou wants to be taken away ahead of schedule because of certain reason, still cash pledge and partial chummage are in in his hand, she is wanting to wanted to take away anyway, zhang also is disinclined to calculate, take the chance to scoop up him brushstroke not to have a deficit have to. He expresses ” , small him Zhang Ying looks for loss of small Xue recapture, and oneself can cooperate Xiaozhang to solve a problem. And Zhang Ling thinks, landlord entrusts Xiaoxue to take his to see a room at that time, let her think Xiaoxue is his client by accident, accordingly, landlord should bear due responsibility. Lawyer argument: Hire a room to want to identify Hunan of ” of “ true landlord 10 thousand express with the member that combine Li Zhi of attorney office solicitor: When the person that rent a house is seeing a room, who is the droit person that must find out a building, had better sign the contract that rent with landlord directly. If lessor is not landlord, must check lessor to whether have building property the person's accredit, specific authorization just can sign the contract that rent. If have oral authorization only and when having written material, ten million should sign the contract that rent carefully, appear easily otherwise the experience of the Xiaozhang in this case. If do not have the accredit of building everybody, form in jural meeting not accredit relet, should rent a contract to may be asked to remove by droit person at any time, and suffer belongings loss. If Xiaozhang still needs to lease this building, answer to hire of Situ Xiansheng pay, find Xue Mou to want to answer again undeserved benefit.

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