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The relet of building of rights and interests that hires a room to provide him s

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Above all, tenant of the ” that “ tenant defaults hire, “ is in bear 3 kinds of buildings do not get the ” that hires the do sth without authorization inside the building to build, commodity house ” that “ hires beforehand relet. Next, agreement of the building contract that rent is OK of relet, tenant is OK according to conventional relet building. It is OK that the building rents a contract to did not agree of relet, tenant is in only the ability after be being asked for so that lessor agrees is OK relet building; Did not ask for so that lessor agrees with relet building, lessor has authority to remove the contract that rent. Tenant of public living house need not be asked for so that lessor agrees, but before signing relet contract ought to written tell lessor, otherwise lessor also can remove the contract that rent. The 3rd, during building relet, the original contract that rent produces change, affect relet contract to fulfill, relet contract ought to be changed subsequently; The contract that rent removes, relet contract ought to remove subsequently. The 4th, the final time limit of lease of agreement of building relet contract, the final lease that must not agree in the contract that rent more than. The 5th, during building relet, outside having an agreement additionally except landlord and relet party, former tenant ought to continue to fulfil the contract that rent, be like on time consign hire. This shows, zhang Mou's view is wrong, you can ensure your rights and interests completely according to afore-mentioned regulations.

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