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Encyclopedia hires a few kinds of kinds that house term cannot not know to rent

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The policy sex room that rent points to through government or governmental precatory orgnaization, hire valence according to the market to in the housing difficulty family of low income provides the housing that can rent, in the meantime, the government is right bear the allowance renting a house that hires a family to pay corresponding level by the month. Its purpose is to solve domestic income prep above to enjoy cheap to hire room standard and buy economy feebly the housing of the low income family of applicable room is difficult. Cheap hires a room to show the government matchs the pattern that hire with rent subsidy or objective, to accord with income of town dweller lowest and the housing of the social security quality that the family of housing difficulty offers. The allocation that cheap rents a house the form is given priority to with rent subsidy, objective deserves to hire it is with hire derate complementary. The cheap of our country hires a room only do not make work, rental the person that give the lowest in town dweller income. Applicable room points to economy the commodity house that has social security quality, have the characteristic of economy and applicability. Economy is to show residential price photograph compares moderate to market price case, in can suiting of low income family bear ability; Applicability is to show in housing the design reachs his to build what housing emphasizes on the standard to use the effect, and rather than builds a standard. Two be restricted two contest room namely “ is restricted to cover model, be restricted ” of price of house price, house of contest price, contest. To lower house price, solve this locality dweller to live oneself demand, according to requirement of relevant document of the State Council, when the government carries out land to supply, be in be restricted to cover model, be restricted on the foundation of house price, adopt the measure of price of house of contest price, contest, develop construction behavior in order to make public the means of invite public bidding certainly. The restriction that in ensuring sexual housing to show the government is opposite, low income family implements classification to ensure the place in the process to offer supplies standard of object, construction, sale price or hire level, have the housing of social security property. Include two be restricted the applicable housing, policy sex housing that rent and cheap hire commodity housing, economy room.

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